A Twelve Step Solution for Lust, Pornography and Sex Addiction!

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Welcome to the Newcomer

“Only you can decide if you are a sexaholic.”

You have landed at the website for the South Central Texas Intergroup of Sexaholics Anonymous, a Twelve Step addiction recovery program.

We are men and women from all walks of life who are recovering from our addiction to lust, pornography and sexual acting out. Our behaviors have impacted our lives, and the lives of others, in negative and destructive ways.

You are not alone.

As recovering addicts, we share our own experience, strength and hope to help others who suffer the consequences of their addiction. Some of us have destroyed trusted relationships with family and friends, jeopardized our careers, tarnished our standing in the community or even emotionally, physically or sexually abused others.

Our behaviors and actions caused shame, isolation, desperation . . . we have even considered ending our lives. 

Our website offers resources to help you decide if you are one of us. Learn about the problem and solution. Take a self-assessment. Or give us a call with questions at 210-570-6496. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting.

Newcomer Resources

The recovery journey begins.

Adopted with the permission of Alcoholics Anonymous, our Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions are the center of our recovery journey. Explore our recovery materials.

Find an SA Meeting

The foundation of sobriety. 

We host in-person and virtual meetings throughout the week. Meetings are closed to the public to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of everyone who attends.

Resources for Professionals

We are all in recovery together.

Sexaholics Anonymous offers resources and support to clinical and spiritual healers who encounter and work with people suffering from lust, pornography and sex addiction.