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Who Can Attend

Meetings are the foundation of our fellowship. Our meetings are “closed” to the public unless clearly stated otherwise.  Meetings are open to legally recognized adults (ages 18 and older) of all genders and sexual orientations who are seeking sobriety and recovery from lust and sexual addiction. 

Go to the Meeting Finder to locate a meeting in South Central Texas.

SA meetings are held throughout the all parts of the United States and around the world.  To find a meeting near you, go to the Sexaholics Anonymous International website. 

Meeting Etiquette

While most local SA meetings are held at churches, SA groups are not affiliated with any religious sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Individuals attending meetings are asked to:

Protect anonymity and confidentiality. Keep the names and contact information of anyone you meet at meetings to yourself.

Newcomers are welcome at all meetings. When you arrive, let someone know this is your first meeting.  

We are self-supporting and decline outside funding. Our meetings are free. During the meeting we will “pass the basket” for donations to support the ongoing operational needs of the fellowship. People will typically throw in a dollar of two at each meeting.

We are a spiritual program, not a religious program. We are Sexaholics who are religious, agnostic and atheist. We do not reference religious teachings or ideas during meetings. In recovery, we learn how to create a spiritual connection with a Higher Power of our own making.

Dress with modest. Wearing revealing clothing can be triggering for members of the fellowship. 

All meetings are non-smoking. We follow all posted policies and guidance from our host meeting location.

Program Literature

Our meeting format has been adopted from the SA White Book “Suggested Meeting Format.” 

During our meetings we reference approved Alcoholics Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous literature only. Program literature is available for purchase at most in person meetings or online at Sexaholics Anonymous International

The Meeting Finder highlights the type of meeting and the literature that will be referenced during the meeting.